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The Dairy Freeze

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85 N. London St.

Mount Sterling, Ohio

Celebrating 56 Years of serving Mt. Sterling and Central Ohio!!




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The Dairy Freeze first opened its doors in 1957. The original menu consisted of Hot Dogs, Coneys, Bar-B-Que beef, soft drinks and Ice Cream. Since that time, the business has remained in the same family making it the oldest family owned business in Mount Sterling. "The Freeze" looks much the same as it did in 1957 including the original Rock and Roll steel canopy that covers almost one-half of the parking lot. The original neon ice cream cone, which was built in 1947, still stands in front of the building. For more Dairy Freeze history click here . For local business information, go to the Mount Sterling, Ohio Chamber of Commerce website at http://www.mtsterlingohiochamber.com.

Now serving a chicken, bacon ranch samdwich or wrap !  Come try this delicious sandwich.



Mt. Sterling is known as the gateway to the Deer Creek State Park Region. Click here for driving directions to us and the state park.

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